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We created Sendtonium, because we needed it.

Our story

Sendtonium was originally founded for one reason: because we needed it!

As paid media experts (spending over $100 million in paid ads), we mastered the art of customer acquisition via ads, landing pages and CRO... but something was missing.

We were great at getting customers, but our clients weren't great at keeping them - or extracting more revenue from them: their gold mine of owned data.

We realized that ultimately, none of our DTC e-commerce clients would be successful without a strong email marketing strategy and team.

So, we built it.

In 2022, email marketing isn't a "nice to have" or something one of your team members does in their spare time. It's 50% of the puzzle and a core component to making DTC e-commerce businesses thrive.

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About Us

Kyle Parsons
Co-Founder, digital marketing expert
Mason Dorner
Co-Founder, Fortune 50 marketer
Erin Duffy
Expert email/SMS marketer


We love brands and we want to see them succeed. We're hungry for the growth of our clients and we know there's potential to be unlocked to change their business and the live of their employees.


We do what's best for the client and their brand - never us. When our clients win, we win. And if there's ever a difficult truth to tell, we say it.

Data driven

We always focus on the data and let that guide our decisions - never our instincts, preferences or biases. The key to thriving is staying neutral and letting the data do the talking.

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