$76,200 Product Launch Strategy

DTC E-Commerce
DTC E-Commerce

The Challenge

This client had spent months and a developing a new line for their atheleisure brand. For them, it was a bing investment to get this all-new release designed, through production and finally ready to sell. We had a big challenge on the marketing side: we need to make sure the release made a really big splash, and we achieved maximum impact via email/SMS to get as many sales as we could in the first 36-48 hours. It was going to take careful planning and the right strategy to maximize revenue.

The Opportunity

The client had a relatively small, but high quality email/SMS list that we had spent months building from scratch with our best-practice strategies. Bigger can be better, but in this case we knew we had a strong opportunity because the quality of the list was so high. The people on this email/SMS list were active purchasers and huge fans of the brand. If we could time the launch well, we could help this client start off things with a bang.

What We Did

We used our tried and tested product launch strategy, slightly modified to accommodate an entire new product line! We crafted the perfect campaign arch. The first step is building excitement and interest - if nobody knows the big event is coming, many people will miss it the day-of! We helped people mark the event of on their calendar and teased them with great products that were coming soon. Then the big day. We launched on all fronts for a record-breaking (for this client) $43,592 of revenue from a single email. Finally, we finished strong with an afterglow strategy to capture all the remaining excitement for the new products.

The Results

In the end, we were so successful that 50% of the new SKUs launched were completely out of stock in 8 hours.

  • $76,200 in total revenue for this launch
  • 5x bigger launch than any of their previous launches
  • Nearly $10k in revenue from SMS alone, a new record for this client

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