7x increase in Automations Revenue, 11x increase in list growth

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DTC E-commerce

The Challenge

This particular client was a legacy brand with over 30 years in business in retail before repositioning to direct-to-consumer (DTC). Essentially, they were a 30 year old startup, and they needed to make the most out of every opportunity to drive revenue - fast. To layer on an additional challenge, this brand was omni-channel not just selling their products on their own Shopify channel, but also Amazon and Walmart, making customer ownership very difficult. We had to figure out how to convince customers that giving us their personal info and purchasing through Shopify was the best thing for them.

The Opportunity

The opportunity was great. This store had solid DTC revenue monthly but literally less than 5% was coming from email/SMS. There was a ton of improvement to be made if we could execute. This client had over 32,000 emails per month, but zero SMS records with consent, so we were basically starting from zero there.

What We Did

As usual, we started by dialing in their list building strategies. We needed to capture as many records as possible per month which was going to be possible given their high site traffic. Additionally, we noticed huge deficiencies in key automations such as their abandoned cart, and welcome sequence. These were optimized to maximum effectiveness. Then, we redesigned all templates to be more engaging and drive conversions towards higher price-point products to nurture a larger AOV. Lastly, we crafted an aggressive email calendar to blast each respective portion of their list to extract maximum value (this happened after a brief warming up period for safety).

The Results

Within 45 days we achieved all of our primary goals:

  • 20x, increase in opt-ins, adding more emails and SMS messages to their list in a single month than ever before
  • 72% increase in Automations revenue
  • 3x increase in Abandoned Cart sequence, from 3% to 12.6%
  • 2x increase of revenue from email/SMS from 8% to 16% (JUNE 2022 UPDATE: now at 26%)

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